Raumwacht is a game for iPad.

Here is the link to it on Apple's AppStore:



Fly around in a rocket and shoot at space rocks.

The goal of the game is to develop six colonies from level 1 to level 5, and to fulfill additional missions while doing it. If possible, all eight of them.

The rocket is controlled by rotation and thrust.

  • Transport goods between the colonies
  • Stop the UFO invasion
  • Scare off the pirates
  • pick up power-ups
  • Don't crash against planetoids

Three leaderboards:

  • Score
  • Fastest winning time
  • Fastest winning time with at least 5 missions accomplished

Some pointers:

Use the first five minutes of the game to make yourself familiar with the controls.

Repairing the rocket and restocking the ammo is only possible without machines in the cargo bay; fly to another colony after visiting the dockyard.

Small asteroids are worth 100 points if destroyed at short range, but only 33 points at long range.

New asteroids appear on a regular basis, but the two main waves happen at 5 and 22 minutes.

Three of the eight missions are given automatically (main mission, reduce amount of asteroids, destroy mother ship).

The mission to reduce the amount of asteroids can be given a second time.

The other four missions depend on the player doing a specific action.

To get the mission to destroy the base of the pirates, you have to follow them to it.

The power-up launched from the structure near the laboratory depends on the level of the laboratory and how much time has elapsed since the last launch.

The most important power-ups provided by the Laboratory are "Bomb" and "Improved Firepower".


Poig is my first self-created game for iPhone.

Here is the link to it on Apple's AppStore:

Poig of Joerg Mintel


Version 1.1 is in the store; the game became slightly easier.

Coming soon:

- a training-mode

- a daily mode (the position of all bars is the same for the whole day)

- pausing the game

- more ads

- in-app purchase to switch off ads



Poig is a little, homesick alien. It wants to get as far up as possible by bouncing between paddle-like bars and it needs your help with this.


Not the paddles are controlled by the player, but the ball-shaped alien. With a finger on the display, the next angle of reflection is set. 

Move your finger left and right; the farther right, the higher the angle.


The goal is to get as far up as possible; every new bar that is hit scores a point.

There are no obstacles, so there should be no problem at all :-)


The app is cost-free and shows banner ads between games.




Transport goods to colonies and shoot at asteroids

Always keep an eye on ammo





Ein Alien auf dem Weg nach oben.




 Zähler für Seitenaufrufe